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    WORXpro provides staffing and offshore development services to business houses. See Business to Business

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Business to Business (B2B)

Are you a business house looking for an offshore IT partner?

WORXpro can be your offshore partner in business process outsourcing.

We have various models of outsourcing and it can be tailored to suit your business needs.
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WORXpro has partnered with Kantipur Digital Corp

WORXpro has partnered with Kantipur Digital Corp to bring a major change in IT industry. We believe together we can give a major uplift to the IT industry in Nepal.

Partnership models

Small Project Partnership[Project based outsourcing]

Project-based Outsourcing is recommended for small projects lasting anywhere between few weeks to few months.


  1. You contact one of our representatives via email or phone
  2. Send description of the project via mail, you may additionally want to send project documents, design documents and reference urls.
  3. By a meeting between the project managers and the technical team, WORXpro creates a detailed estimate for the project. The estimate will contain a task list with details of the modules and technologies as well as the estimated hours needed.
  4. The hourly rate for the project depends on the technology, the complexity of the tasks and the continuity of the partnership.
  5. As soon as the client approves the estimate WORXpro creates a proper project environment and takes responsibility for the development risks of entire project. The client needs to be only involved in business strategy as well as reviewing the most important intermediate and final results.


Large Project Partnership [Effort based outsourcing]

WORXpro recommends Effort-based Outsourcing for long and ongoing projects or if you have various projects and you expect jobs to continue for a year or more.


  1. You contact one of our representatives via email or phone.
  2. Send description of the project or your intention of partnership via mail.
  3. We agree on hourly rates and the payments are made on monthly basis.
  4. The hourly rate depends on the technology, the complexity of the tasks and the continuity of the partnership.
  1. We setup team,  project management environment and communication standards. For larger projects, we follow the software industries most successful project management process "Agile with Scrum". If Client is not familiar with Agile/Scrum we briefly explain the process and show them the advantages. 
  2. With Agile, client is flexible to develop the project specification on an ongoing basis and modify the specification based on the changing market needs, even during the development of the software. 
  3. Project manager and team creates a first milestone of the project, The project plan is uploaded in the Project Management System (PMS). We have experience in using Jira, Redmine, MS Project, Mantis, etc., and can use the clients preferred PMS or suggest an alternative PMS.
  4. With Agile, the first milestone is planned in such a way that it delivers a product very soon as early as 4-8 weeks (even if he whole project is a year long) The Software/product has to be ready to use but of course, not with all features of the software/product.  
  1. By following Agile and Scrum, We incorporate customer or product owner show him the first release as early as in 4-8 weeks. Now, Agile gives customer complete freedom to change his mind or to suggest new features or remove old ideas. One of the beauties of Agile is that it focuses on working & better software than a requirement locked in contract.
  2. Next milestone begins, developers add some more features and also fixes any bugs, incorporate new changes and again release a ready to use software in about 2-4 weeks. But same as above the release is not with all features . This iteration is continued over a period of contract.
  3. By using Agile and Scrum, customer have ready to use software every few weeks  (even though whole project is a year or more longer). The key is software is ready to use but has less features. The features are completed according to the Business Values, higher the value faster it goes into the software.

  1. Since the software is always ready for release, client and project manager decides when to make a beta release or a final release, even though development of software is still going on and features are being added, a release can be made earlier to get more feedbacks and more user experience.
  2. After the contract period is over, it is upto the client if he wants more improvement to the software  or close the software and stop further development.


Dedicated team Partnership [Offshore staffing with dedicated professionals]

In the Dedicated Team Partnership, A customer is generally looking to extend or set its software development facility.  According to the customer need a team of developers is created either from existing resources or by new recruitments.

We setup an environment with pm tool and communication standards. A system of common hardware and software systems, project management system, tools, processes and communication workflows ensures an uncomplicated cooperation between our developers and the client. 

Customer pays for the whole team on monthly basis. Hiring dedicated professionals is most common way of outsourcing or setting up an offshore development center (ODC). WORXpro also provides provision to transfer full ownership of such establishment to customer on the request.



Offshore IT Company

We provide offshore IT services. As an outsourcing company, our services are customized including Offshore Web Development.

Offshore Outsource IT related porjects

Programming & Project Management

High skills in software development & Agile based project management makes WORXpro a preffered outsourcing company for longer partnership

Software Development & Project Management

Website Design & Development

Our design team offers web design services that improve graphic look, usability and overall credibility of your online presence.

Web Design & Development with Content Management System

Web Apps for Mobile

Improve usability and engage more mobile audience, Web apps for mobile will make your website appear as an app on smartphones

Convert your website to Mobile Apps

Native Apps for iPhone & Android

With our Native Mobile Apps services, you can have your own app on Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. 

Native Apps for iPhone and Android devices

Logo, Brochure & Poster Design

Strong design capabilites not only means a a good website and a software but also a better Logo, Banners, Posters and Brochures.

Logo, Brochure & Poster Design

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