• Website Design & Development

    Website Design & Development

    Unique web design not just  a customized web template

    • Strong Graphic design
    • web 2.0 look and feel
    • Responsive - mobile ready
    • Powered by well known cms and e-commerce platforms
    Need a website (or better website)?

    Strong design visualization is one of our strengths that makes WORXpro a favourite place for Web Design and Web Development. Our team of creative designers will create an appealing web page.

    WORXpro has sucessfully been in offshore web development since 2005 and has a strong team of designers and expert web developers.

    You'll always get a unique design for your website and not just a customized template. With the power of CMS or E-commerce tool like Wordpress, WebEdition, Magento, Opencart. Your website will have everything it needs, cool frontend and a strong backend.

    Our creative designers will design the website with awesome looks, and our experienced software programmers will make sure that your website has a equally great Content Management System. Our Web Design and Development service includes expertise in most of the popular open source systems like Wordpress and Magento

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    Our Preferred Open Source Systems

    Wordpress Website Development  Wordpress webEdition Web Development  webEdition
    Magento e-commerce Development  Magento OpenCart e-commerce Development OpenCart
    HTML5 Powered Websites  html5 Build website with CSS3  CSS 3
    Sencha/Ext JS Sencha/Ext JS jQuery  jQuery
    Responsive Design

    web 2.0 Driven

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